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Was That Really Unfair? – Deepika E. Sagar

I applied for a position and did not get hired. They hired a person with less qualifications because of their unprincipled approach. Maybe you have faced a similar situation? It is unfair, but it is all part of living in a fallen world that is unfair and unjust.  All of us have experienced it at times.

For a moment, consider things differently. God gave us the ability to acquire our qualifications and to have the substance and wisdom to work with diligence. When we have a God-given ability, we can rest assured there must be a reason. Maybe we are disappointed now, not able to use our talent for the position we thought was the perfect fit. But maybe God has a bigger and better plan.

Truth be told, we should be thankful that we are not the one who utilized devious means to be hired. When anything is acquired by unfair means, there will always be a struggle to maintain it and a fear of losing it.  Often there is a necessity to continue doing things unfairly or to flatter others to keep the position dishonestly. Things we do not want to be tangled up in.

Rejoice! God has not left us alone to fend for ourselves and use the ways of the world to succeed.

If we are patient and seek God’s wisdom first, we need not worry. God will provide a way. He will also provide the means to carry our new responsibility well. Be patient, wait on Him for your promotion. He knows the right time and place. God has plans to prosper you and give you a good life – Jer 29:11. Plans to use you to glorify His kingdom in the correct place.  

Dr. Deepika E. Sagar lives in India and loves to write for the spread of His glory. Contact











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