DEAR GOD: Trust is More Than We Know~



Throughout the Bible we are reminded again and again to “TRUST” in the Lord.  The tenets of faith involves many levels and emotions.  And a huge part of it is Love, which  is in the center of it all, or more to the point…, our Father who is LOVE.

You can feel the Father’s love with each page of the Bible, from beginning to end.  Especially regarding His promises.  However, a big factor in all of this is “TRUST.”   Trust is essentially a big component of faith.

Trusting in the Lord is described as feeling safe, as blessed, and as producing very desirable results. Trust… It’s our hope, our strength, our safety, and our help.

But, don’t misunderstand the meaning of trust.  Trust doesn’t mean to approach things, events, or life in a haphazard fashion, to do so would be foolish.

Just forging forward aimlessly without regard in not trust.  Trust is something positive. It is a real something, not a mere happen-so or maybe-so. It’s a definite attitude of soul and mind, a realization of our own need and of God’s sufficiency. It is the reaching out and anchoring of ourselves in God.

It is placing trust where we ‘hear’ His voice and His will, innately knowing that He wants us to turn down a certain path with the ultimate intentions reflecting prosperity in all we do.

Trust brings a mountain of confidence. It allows us to see the LORD in His true character.

It causes us to realize the “totality” of His Sovereign greatness and the compassion of His love.

It brings us a consciousness of His significance and power and assures us that we’re in fact sheltered under His loving wings.

It makes the “enemies” lose their power; and we have a focus of safety that brings peace and rest.  As Jesus said, “Ye shall find rest unto your souls” for those who trust in the LORD.

Meditation,  and understanding of His voice through His words, along with our actions, which are governed by our faith,  is essentially a part of His promises, and brings about a peace filled life.

 “It is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure” (Phil.2: 13).

If we are submitted to him, He will work in you. He will help you. He will guide you.  He will bless you.

If you’re unable to submit to Him thusly, you have not reached the place in which you can trust.

Ostensibly, when we reach a place of surety and absolute joy in knowing that we’re trusting in Him fully, while being aware of “His voice” in all that we do, we enter into His “perfect peace” thereby we can rejoice in all that we encounter.

Do you know the difference between “trusting in God” versus “trusting blindly” in our own eyes?

The Bible and His love will help bring you to “this place” of peace which is only possible through His grace, guidance, and progression of our “inner man” that is to say, the Holy Spirit.

For now, on earth as we live in the flesh, snuggle under His mighty powerful wings, and realize the ecstasy of being His beloved child, because we have a purpose, and plan according to His will.

Then, when the race is over, and we leave our flesh bodies and are called home in the Spirit, to live for all eternity with our Father,  where we will be rewarded for trusting in Him, and loving Him unconditionally while on earth.

The Psalmist tells us what to do when we have fears in life. “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee” (Psalm 56: 3) 

 Trust in God.

It is the safest thing you’ll have ever done;

and He will never fail you.









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